Date:SUNDAY 11 June 2023
Starting point:Ljubljana BTC
Objective:Ljubljana BTC (the first 25 % in the category qualify for the 2023 AMATEUR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP)
Track:Ljubljana - Vrhnika - Logatec - Godovič - Idrija - Cerkno - Kladje - Sovodenj - Škofja Loka - Vodice - Povodje - Gameljne - Črnuče - Ježica - Ljubljana
Length:156 km
Flying targets:FLYING TARGET PRIGO for the fastest woman and man on Brezovica FLYING TARGET IDRIJA for the fastest woman and man in Idrija MOUNTAIN TARGET PROACTON for the fastest woman and man on Kladje FLYING TARGET POLYCOM (Poljane nad Škofjo Loko) for the fastest woman and man FLYING TARGET for the fastest woman and men's in Škofja Loka The winners get a jersey and a prize.

Increase of starting numbers:

TUESDAY 6/6 - FRI 9/6/202312:00-18:00AUTOTECHNA VIS,
Celovška cesta 228
SAT 10/06/202312:00 - 18:00BTC CITY
SUN 11/06/20237:00 - 9:00BTC CITY


Cyclists will be assigned to pits in the START CORRIDOR:
1. VIP (maximum 30 people)
2. FIRST 100 from l. 2022
4. THE NEXT 100 from l. 2022

6. OTHERS with mtb/treck/...

The marathon starts at 09:00. All participants must drive through the control starting mat.
The start is open from the starting line in BTC, there is no closed race!
All participants must drive according to road traffic regulations during the marathon.
During the marathon, all participants who are not more than 60 minutes behind the leading competitor will be protected by a MOBILE ROAD BLOCK. The organizer's vehicle, which will be accompanied by a police vehicle, will warn all participants who are more than 60 minutes behind the leading competitor with an audible signal. These participants will be outside the mobile roadblock, so they will have to strictly comply with road and traffic regulations and drive in the right traffic lane, and they will meet the vehicles of traffic participants on the route.
The marathon will end with awards for the best, starting at 16:00 at the start/finish area in BTC City.

Categories for competitors for the 2023 World Cup

Age groupDistance
19-34156 km
35-39156 km
40-44156 km
45-49156 km
50-54156 km
55-59156 km
60-6497 km
65+ ...97 km
Age groupDistance
19-34156 km
35-39156 km
40-44156 km
45-49156 km
50-5497 km
55-5997 km
60-6497 km
65+ ...97 km

Markings of categories at the Franja marathon

A2004 - 19892004 - 1989
B1988 - 19841988 - 1984
C1983 - 19791983 - 1979
D1978 - 19741978 - 1974
E1973 - 19691973 - 1969
F1968 - 19641968 - 1964
Mr1963 - 19591963 - 1959
H1958 - 19541958 and older
I1953 and older 

Control points

  • At the start in BTC City (note: not before 9:00 a.m.)
  • in Kladje (87th kilometer)
  • in Vodice (136th kilometer)
  • at the finish line in BTC City (at the 156th kilometer).

Special warnings and conditions A protective helmet is mandatory - drive according to road and traffic regulations. On the back of the start number is a form with vital personal and contact information in case of a possible accident or injury. Please enter the information, as it will greatly facilitate the work of the rescue service at the marathon (in the unlikely event of an accident). A marathon participant is anyone who registers with the organizer, pays the entry fee and submits a completed application form. By registering and picking up the start number, the participants of the marathon confirm that they are familiar with the conditions of the tender and agree with them. Marathon participants start at 09:00 and ride according to their fitness level; the marathon ends at 5:00 p.m. Groups of participants who are not more than 60 minutes behind the leading group will be protected by a mobile road block. A participant who is overtaken by a vehicle with the sign "end of mobile traffic jam" is considered a normal road user who must drive on the right side and take into account the vehicles of other road users. Marathon participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by their parents or an organized group.

DOPING CONTROL: PIRAMIDA office building, 13th floor

The organizer provides all participants of the marathon: a snack and a drink at the finish line, a medal and refreshments at several refreshment stations that will be placed along the course. All marathon participants drive at their own risk; the organizer is not responsible for possible damage to materials and people. Only riders with classic road bikes will be considered in the results! Passing through the control stations (carpets) is mandatory, otherwise your result will not be recognized. Please respect nature and do not throw energy bars and drink wrappers on the road!

Important The organizer guarantees all participants who registered on time a gift at the end of the marathon. Registered on time means that the registration is paid no later than 5 days before the marathon! In addition, food and drinks will be available to all participants at refreshment stations along the route, as well as a medal and lunch at the finish line. If the number of participants is greater than expected and there are a large number of applicants in the last five days, those who have applied in time will have priority for the starter packages. We do not provide start packages to registrations and picking up start numbers on the start day. At the finish line, you will receive a medal along with a lunch voucher and a gift bag. If the number of medals is less than the number of performers, we order them additionally. Medals are subsequently available to participants of the event at the premises of KD Rog at the address Vikrče 3, 1000 Ljubljana (Under Šmarno goro).

FRANCIS BTC CITY MARATHON 2023 Qualification norm for the Gran Fondo World Championships at Marathon Franja BTC City: Men's category:

  • For the age categories MEN up to 60 years old, the result in the first 25 % in their age category on the VELIKI route Marathon Franja BTC City 156 km is valid.
  • For the age categories MEN over 60, the result in the first 25 % in their age category on the SMALL route Marathon Franja BTC City 97 km is valid.

Women's category:

  • For the WOMEN age category up to 50 years, the result of the first 25 % in their age category on the VELIKI Marathon Franja BTC City 156 km route is valid.
  • For the age categories of WOMEN over 50, the result in the first 25 % in their age category on the SMALL route Marathon Franja BTC City 97 km is valid.

DISTRIBUTION OF NUMBERS BY COLORS: white - 156km pink - 97km

MARATHON FRANJA BTC CITY 156KM - Route description

The course runs from the start in BTC City left onto Šmartinska cesta, turns left onto Kajuhova, continues along Kajuhova, Litijska and Poljanska cesta, turns left onto Roška and continues to Karlovška most, where it turns right onto Karlovška, continues along Zoisova, Aškerčeva and further along Trieste.

The route continues along the Tržaška road across Brezovica to Vrhnika, further over the Vrhnika slope (4.6 km ascent, average gradient 4.1 %, maximum gradient 7 %) to Logatac and Kalce, where we turn right towards Godovič. From Godovič we descend towards Idrija and Želin (dangerous descent). Due to the dangerous descent, road G101 between Godovič and Idrija will be closed to all traffic between 09:40 and 13:05.

In Želin, turn right onto the road towards Cerkne, where there is a snack bar on the main square. The main climb of the marathon follows - the climb to Kladje (7 km, average gradient 6.3 %, maximum gradient 10 %). The next refreshment stop is at Kladje. The path then descends to Trebia. The descent is dangerous because of the bad road. The road from Cerkne via Kladje to Trebija will be closed to all traffic from 9:40 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for safety reasons.

In Trebije, turn left towards Gorenja vas. The next refreshment station is in front of the municipal building in Gorenja vas. We continue towards Škofja Loka. At the entrance to Škofja Loka, there is a dangerous right turn and immediately after, a left turn. Although the rangers will warn cyclists of the dangers on the sections, ride carefully. There is a refreshment station at the top of the slope in Škofja Loka.

At the exit from Škofja Loka, turn right onto road 314 towards Jeprca and Vodice. In Vodice turn right towards Skaručna, in Povodje turn left towards Gameljne (ATTENTION 500m macadam road) and we continue through free Črnučem to Dunajska, where we turn right towards the center. We continue along Dunajska to the intersection with Dimičeva, where we turn left and continue to Kranjčeva cesta. We continue along Kranjčeva street to the Žale roundabout, and from there along Pokopališka cesta to Šmartinska cesta, where the BTC City marathon ends.

    • Descent between Godovič and Idrija (between the 50th and 60th kilometers, G102). The road will be closed to all traffic between 09:40 and 13:05.
    • Descent between Kladje and Trebija (between the 80th and 95th kilometers) due to the bad road. The road will be closed to all traffic between 10:40 and 15:00.
    • A dangerous entry into Škofja Loka with a sharp right and then a left turn at the 118th kilometer.
    • Dangerous descent towards Črnuče.

In addition, we ask the participants to be careful when driving through Ljubljana, where crowds can be expected due to the large number of cyclists.

The following roads will be closed to all traffic during the marathon:

    • Descent from Godovič towards Idrija (between the 50th and 60th kilometers, G102), between 09:40 and 13:05.
    • Ascent from Cerkne to Kladje and descent to Trebija (from the 80th to the 95th kilometer), between 10:40 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
    • Road between Gameljna and BTC City, destination (between kilometer 146 and 156), between 12:00 and 17:00.

MARATHON FRANJA BTC CITY 156KM - Map and route profile



PLACEKM33 km/hKM38 km/hKM43 km/h
BTC City (launch)09:00009:00009:00
Long bridge109:181009:161009:14
Lower Idrija6610:596610:436610:31
Želin - crossroads7711:207711:027710:48
It should10012:0210011:3710011:19
Gorenja village10412:0910411:4410411:25
Bishop Loka12012:3812012:0912011:47
Middle Gameljna14513:2314512:4814512:22
BTC City (Target)15613:4115613:0415612:36


Refreshment stationDistance from the startDrinks:Food: WC
Idrija60 km

-High5 energy drink

-Dana water - Isostar energy drink

  • High5 energy bars
  • Biscuits Pekarna Adamič
  • Isostar energy bars and gels
Church80 km

Given water

Isostar energy drink

  •  Isostar energy bars and gels
  • cookies Pekarna Adamič
Logs87 km
  • ProAction energy drink
  • Given water
  • Soup
  • ProAction energy bars
Gorenja village100 km
  • Energetic isotonic drink
  • Given water
  • Biscuits Adamič
Bishop Loka118 km
  • ProAction isotonic drink)
  • Given water
  •  Soup
  • ProAction energy bars
  • cookies Pekarna Adamič
 Smlednik (Valburga)145 km
  • Water
  • Isotonic drinks
  • CROWN products (Gels and jelly flakes)
  • Bananas
 Lučine-little marathon
  • ZIPVIT  isotonic drink
  • Given water
  • ZIPVIT energy tiles
  • cookies Pekarna Adamič

family marathon


  • Given water

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