Date:SATURDAY 8 June 2024
Starting point:

Ljubljana, Congress square

The goal Length:Ljubljana, Congress square 72 km
Raising the starting numbers


until 5/6/2024

THU 6/6 – FRI 7/6/2024 from 18:30 – 20:30, HERVIS ALEJA, Ljubljana Šiška

SAT 8 June 2024 from 6:30 – 8:00, CONGRESS SQUARE

A brief description of the cycling event in Barje:

Barjanka Hervis event or Cycling experience on the Ljubljana Marshes

Barjanka is a tourist sports event that connects the local community, municipalities, providers and associations. The "Barjanke Hervis" route will run through all municipalities in the landscape park and will be 72 km long.

Municipalities through which Barjanka passes:

  • Municipality of Ljubljana
  • Municipality of Brezovica
  • Municipality of Log – Dragomer
  • Municipality of Vrhnik
  • Municipality of Borovnica
  • Municipality of Ig
  • Municipality of Škofljica

Barjanka Hervis is a cycling event that aims to present the beauty of the Ljubljana Marshes and brings back memories of the beginning of cycling competitions, when the first cycling races were still held on macadam roads. In addition to exceptional natural attractions and world cultural heritage, the Ljubljana Marshes is also endowed with a world-class find, which, based on analyses, is more than 5,000 years old. Particular attention is drawn to the extraordinary find of a disc wheel with an axle, which archaeologists discovered in the early spring of 2002 in the area of a stake in the settlement of Stara Gmajna in the southwest of the Ljubljana Marshes.

Course of the marathon:

The start of the marathon is in Ljubljana on Slovenska cesta before Drama, it continues along Aškerčeva ulica, Tržaška cesta to Brezovica. At the traffic light intersection in front of Mercator, turn left onto Podpeška cesta. Before the railway crossing, turn right onto The route to Plešivica, where the first macadam section awaits the participants. Continues to Podplešivice, then along the Barjanska road to Bevki. In Bevka, turn right towards Drenovi Grič. Before the highway, turn left onto the 2nd macadam section and continue along the highway to Sinja Gorica. At the roundabout in Sinja Gorica, take the Path to Trojnice. At Ljubljanica, turn right onto the 3rd macadam section under the bridge and on all the way to the main road Ljubljana - Vrhnika. Turn left there and continue to the main traffic light in the center of Vrhnika, where you turn left onto Sterneno cesta. Turn left in Verdo towards Bistra, where the 1st refreshment station awaits the participants. It continues towards Borovnica along the Ljubljanska cesta. After crossing the bridge over Borovniščica, turn right onto Bratov Debevc street. At the end of Bratov Debevec street, turn left into the hill and then take the first left onto the 4th macadam section, the old railway route. This route continues all the way to the village of Pako, where soon after Paški most it descends to the left and continues under the railway line to the right onto the main road. Continue along the main road to Podpeča, where at the roundabout turn right towards the Lake. At the fire station and bus station in the Jezero settlement, turn right from the main road towards Jezero pri Podpeča. There is a 2nd refreshment station in front of Gostilnica Jezero. From the lake, it continues along the 5th macadam section around the entire plain and back to the Jezero bus station, where you turn right onto the main road towards Igo. At the crossroads in Tomišlje, continue to the bridge over the river Iško, before which you turn left to the 6th macadam section. After about a kilometer, turn right across Iška and continue back towards Brest, Matena, Iška Loki up to IgaThe last refreshment stop will be in Igo. From there it continues along the road to Zabrv, where it turns left towards Škofljica onto Škofeljska cesta. After crossing after the bridge over Kremenica, turn left onto the last and at the same time the longest, 8th macadam section towards the UNESCO piles monument area. At the intersection with the information board about stakes, continue to the right to Babnogoriška cesta, where you turn left towards Šinkove stradon. At the end of Šinkovo stradon, turn left onto Hauptmanca and continue to Ižanska cesta. Turn onto Ižanska cesta to the right and continue to the intersection with Hladnikova, where it turns left towards the bridge over the Ljubljanica and continues to Opekarska, where it turns right. In front of the Prulski bridge, turn left to Trnovska pristan, continue along the Kraków embankment to Zoisova, where you turn left, continue to Slovenska cesta, where the marathon finish line is before Drama.

Barjanka Hervis 2024 (finish at Kongressni trg in Ljubljana):

Special provisions of the organizer:

  • The marathon will take place in a closed controlled run and is non-competitive. Participants are not timed. The expected speed on the macadam sections will be 20 km/h. On asphalt surfaces 30 km/h.
  • A protective helmet is mandatory.
  • On the back of the number is a form with vital personal and contact information in case of an injury or accident. Please enter the information, as it will greatly facilitate the work of the rescue service at the marathon.
  • A marathon participant is anyone who registers with the organizer, pays the registration fee, fills out the registration form and has a start number. When picking up the starting number, the participants confirm by signing that they are familiar with the conditions of the competition and agree with them.
  • Marathon participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • During the marathon, there will be a mobile roadblock, so participants are asked to drive in the right lane on asphalted roads and follow the instructions of the organizer, the police, and the marshals on the course.
  • The entire driving route will be well marked.
  • The last participant is expected at the finish line at 12:30.
  • Although constant caution is required on the road, we recommend careful and skillful driving on all gravel sections
  1. The path to Plešivica is 2 km
  2. Drenov hill - Sinja Gorica 3.5 km
  3. Sinja Gorica Chemis – Vrhnika 350 m
  4. Old railway route: Borovnica – Pako 1.5 km
  5. Around Podpeška Lake 1.2 km
  6. Tomišelj - Črna vas 3.5 km
  7. Črna vas – Brest 6.5 km
  8. Bridge over Kremenica – Črna vas Ižanska cesta 7 km
  • The organizer provides each participant with a commemorative medal
  • All participants drive at their own risk.


  • As the event will take place in the area of the Ljubljanska barje landscape park, participants are kindly asked to put all possible waste from energy supplements into the pockets of their cycling jerseys or into the dedicated bins at the refreshment stations and at the finish line. Let's keep the Ljubljana Marshes clean.
  • A participant overtaken by a vehicle at the end of the mobile barrier becomes a normal road user and must drive according to road traffic regulations and take into account other road users


Barjanka Hervis is the new cycling route of the Franje BTC CITY Marathon, which leads through the Ljubljana Marshes. At the suggestion of the director of the Franja Marathon, Gorazd Penko, the students of the Ljubljana High School of Design and Photography prepared proposals for a medal that will be awarded to all participants of the Barjanka. 

Representatives of the Ljubljana Marshes Landscape Park introduced the students to the Ljubljana Marshes, both the landscape itself, the diversity of the living world and the cultural heritage of this area. The students then, under the mentorship of Damijan Kracin, Iris Skubin and Nina Šuštaršič Remic, prepared their proposals for the Barjanka medal. We are happy that a very colorful set of proposals was created, on which the students depicted the mosaic landscape of the Ljubljana Marshes, the plant and animal species characteristic of the Marshes, as well as the farming culture. For the final Barjanka medal, the design of the student Mance Mravlja was chosen, which depicts a wheel cog in which a piece of the Marsh butterfly, the Marsh warbler butterfly, is caught in the meadow. The chosen medal symbolizes what the organizers of Barjanka want to achieve with this event: to present the Ljubljana Marshes in the most sustainable way possible. By bicycle, visitors to the Ljubljana Marshes can see and hear much more than those who visit it by car or bus.

Even though the bog butterfly is named after the bog, today it will be very difficult to find it in the Bog because there are less and less meadows where it feeds. We believe that such a high-profile event as the Franja BTC CITY Marathon can help raise awareness among the general public about the fragility of the Ljubljana Marshes and how each of us can help preserve this precious space for our descendants.


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